Crea Studio was born in Paris and became a reality in Spain.

It's not just a brand, it's a lifestyle. It is to Create, always respecting our present and the future we leave behind.

We base ourselves on 5 colors to create a timeless and personalized wardrobe background.

Our mission is to offer quality, versatility and, above all, sustainability. That is why we control from the creative idea, the choice of fabrics, the clothing workshops, and the packaging, under a process of transparent traceability, and thus further reduce the footprint we leave on the environment.

We cannot promise that our footprint will be zero, but we do work as hard as possible to be faithful to our vision and mission in the world.

CREA Mission:

  • Vegetable, recycled or biodegradable fabrics
  • Local manufacturing
  • Engage with young designers and artists
  • Avoid stock accumulation and contamination by promoting on-demand orders
  • Maintain the essential packaging for each product without excesses and avoid waste

CREA Vision:

  • Create a customizable, sustainable and traceable wardrobe
  • Inspire creative ways to reduce, reuse and recycle your closet
  • Change the current compulsive buying behaviour
  • Extending the lifecycle of clothing

Furthermore, to close the loop, at Crea Studio we believe in a future where waste is minimized and the resources of our planet are preserved. Our vision is to create a sustainable future through the circular economy, where the lifecycle of clothing is extended and waste is reduced. We believe that upcycling vintage clothes is one of the key ways to achieve this vision.

Our mission is to promote the reuse of vintage clothing by transforming it into new, unique, and fashionable pieces. We believe that vintage clothing has value and should not be discarded just because it is no longer in trend. Our goal is to give these clothes a second life by breathing new energy into them and making them relevant again. At Crea Studio, we take a unique approach to upcycling vintage clothes. We handpick vintage pieces for their quality, style, and potential for transformation. Our skilled tailors and designers then work to transform these pieces into new, one-of-a-kind garments that are both stylish and sustainable. 

We believe that fashion should be sustainable and that it is possible to create beautiful, high-quality clothing while also taking care of the environment. We believe that fashion can be a positive force for change and that by working together, we can create a better future.Join us in our journey!