Amor earrings (small)
  • Amor earrings (small)

Amor earrings (small)

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One-of-a-kind piece. 100% Handcrafted in Spain. 100% Porcelain.


Our earrings are not only handmade but also hand-painted, adding a touch of authenticity and originality to each design.

The creation process is a true act of love and patience, taking approximately 4 days to complete:

From cutting the porcelain mold to the final finishing, each stage is crucial to achieving perfection. After cutting the mold, the lines and errors are reviewed, and the piece is left to dry until it reaches a hardness called "bone." Then, it undergoes low-temperature firing (960°C), followed by a glazing process that lasts approximately a full day.

Once glazed, the earrings are returned to the kiln to achieve their final color, in a process that takes about 12 hours on average. This meticulous creation process is essential to truly appreciate the value and beauty of each unique piece.

Immerse yourself in the exquisiteness of our porcelain earrings, where traditional craftsmanship merges with modernity to create jewels that transcend time. With their timeless elegance and unparalleled exclusivity, these earrings are more than accessories: they are expressions of art that tell stories and evoke emotions.

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Finishing: 18k gold plating